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reveals a human skull and more. plus a frighteningly ending that a helicopter pilot says he crashed on a busy freeway and hurricane earl takes a swipe at north carolina and the vacation spot where earl is headed next. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is friday, september 3. kayseven. investigators -- i am gasia mikaelian. investigators recovered human remains today in the search started after a kayaker spotted a school and now as robert handa reports crews have found much more. >> reporter: search team were in the marine headlands, they recalled 600 feet down a cliff
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looking for human remains. the us park police rangers and berlin county sheriff's investigators converged here after a kayaker on monday reported seeing a human skull in the co- >> we do not know whether or not -- it is precautionary for us. >> reporter: the skull and several other phones appear to be those of an adult and have been here for a year and the remains along with clothes and jewelry have not given investigators in indication whether it's a man only women. visitors were rattled by the discovery especially when they heard the victims may have fallen from the point where they were standing. >> it freaks me out a lot. that is the first thing i said to him i am holding on to you because that's what scares me to. >> reporter: the wind and truly made this search more difficult. >> there own actions tend to bring rockfall on them and they are looking for things as
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mostly persons two to. >> reporter: they had a late discovery of more remains. >> towards the end of the date we found this backpack as well which we hope we'll have some identification which will lead us to the identity of this person >> reporter: it will take several weeks to fully analyze evidence and they hope the corners of this will be able to make a positive identification from the remains without having to make a public plea for more information printed in the marine headlands, robert handa, ktvu channel two news. a search is underway in the east bay. they are looking for another possible victim in a series of homicides that appear to be linked to the same man. police say the man of frederick sales may be in the landfill. they say that he put sales' remains in a dumpster and he was last seen the day before and his father ricardo was found bludgeoned. officers shot and killed the
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man to stay that ended in the richmond. >> this is merely that we need to follow through with. we want to be out here -- would not be out here if we did not think it was a possibility and hope that mr. frederick sales is the life. >> fire department volunteers will be at the landfill again tomorrow. vigil is underway to remember cindy tran, the mother of four worked in a salon. sales worked as a security guard and he and his son rented rooms from tran individual is in part a call for peace and are raising money for tran's funeral. they say that he strangled tran during the high-speed chase. 72-year-old charles pleaded
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not guilty. investigators say they found uranium and chemicals during a search on tuesday and found the decomposing bodies of his wife and her friends who had been missing nearly one week created his attorney says the bodies have not been there that long. >> i have reason to believe that bodies were put their sometime that day to save the day of his arrest the. >> they add that he and his wife had been tried to end the association. it he is being held on $2 million bail. they will find more information about what police say may have led to the killings on click the tab on our homepage at >> google announced a new five- year deal with aol today and renew the previous agreement that allows them to develop on aol websites and aol is allowed
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to put content on google owned youtube. they're working to create a search product for mobile devices and the new deal is particularly important to aol which is restructuring in an effort to become profitable, once again. twitter asks its users what is happening ? and a lot of have done it is happening. the company has grown from 106 million users in april to 145 million today. twitter has experienced a sizable gain since april and the company's ceo says almost half of users access their mobile device to put updates. the federal government released its monthly employment report today the labor department put the august jobless number at 9.6% up from 9.5% in july and the increase is attributed to jobs ending. they actually added 76,000 new jobs last month and as rob roth reports it's a glimmer of hope for the unemployed in the bay
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area. >> reporter: the latest unemployment figures are not just statistics, they are daily struggles. this woman says she worked as an office assistant at macy's for 19 years and was laid off in june. >> i used to see it on tv and i am now here as one of those people it is a little discouraging. >> reporter: she came here today looking for leads for new jobs and remains hopeful for now. >> you are just so used to having your paycheck coming into your bank every week. you know, it is just hard to realize that. that was my big wake-up call. >> economists see a glimmer of hope in unemployment numbers private employers created more jobs than anticipated and that has not helped his 41 year old father who worked as a technical support manager until one year ago when he was laid off bt says he found part-time work but wanted something
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permanent. >> the positions i do get called back for the often tell me they receive 100, 200 resumes per job so there is a lot of competition with the unemployment rate being so high. you apply for a job and they say they will call you back or call you and for an appointment or interview and they never do. you know, they do not keep their word. >> reporter: the latest statistics show more than half a million people resumed their job search last month. they say that as a sign that more people are hopeful about a recovery. but here in the unemployment office hope it's a fragile commodity. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel two news. stocks extended their september rally and the dow climbed 127 points. the nasdaq gained 33 points
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today. a pilot survived a crash on the highway today that not only destroyed his helicopter but barely missed being money to buy a big rig. the chopper landed upside down on the freeway right in front of a passing truck. the 63-year-old frank said that he lost control after taking off from the airport and suffered only minor injuries. the national transportation safety board is investigating the crash of. in redwood city a salvage crew searched a crashed plane in the lagoon there yesterday. three people died in the crash and two of the bodies are still inside the plane. the federal aviation administration says the plane crashed just 30 seconds after taking off from nearby san paulo airport. a group of boaters stranded are safe this evening after a long night in the water. there boat ran out of gas last night and sending people on
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board were stranded near the islands. the group had children aged three to mac 24 years old. they could not reach the boaters because of rocks in shallow water but remained on the scene and this morning 18 and a specialized boat was able to rescue seven people and bring them back to shore. no one was hurt. the national planned parenthood organization is parting ways with the bay area's golden gate chapter under the possibility of a federal probe into allegations of financial mismanagement created christien kafton with the manager and he has our report. >> reporter: planned parenthood's national organization strips the golden gate chapter of affiliation for financial and administrative reasons administrators here do not want to talk on camera but golden gate community health interim ceo says she disagrees with the suit done at decision. she is hired accountant and has been working out hard cleaning
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up the organization's finances. . from a stacked up done a practical standpoint they are pledging to continue to provide health services in san francisco and around the bay but other planned parenthood chapters say they will move into pick up any slack. >> we will start immediately providing services next wednesday at. >> reporter: two existing branches are planned parenthood one in concord and the other is san jose will expand their territories to care for additional patients. >> we are committed to making sure men, women and youth have access to these reproductive health services. >> reporter: meanwhile the problems may not be over yet. the new york times has reported the internal revenue service is conducting a criminal investigation. the irs today declined to comment. golden gate community health says it is not aware of a irs investigation but will cooperate with any and all federal guidelines great in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel two news.
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people are mopping up tonight along the north carolina coast. the projected path of hurricane earl and why it may dampen the holiday weekend for millions. >> i am at diablo valley for our first high school football game of the year! we will have a live report. i am currently tracking the fog that will of the picnics an barbecues.
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>> hurricane earl brushed the coast of north carolina today. earl lost some strength and is now a category one hurricane. it's heading north and is
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expected to weaken further as it approaches cape cod, massachusetts did the storm is causing holiday weekend headaches for some 26 million americans all along the eastern seaboard. a major earthquake struck new zealand just before dawn causing widespread damage but there are only two reports of injuries. the earthquake hit the south island west of the city of christchurch at 4:35 a.m. local time. much of the damage was to brick buildings and many people were told to evacuate their homes but many left on their own. >> all my gosh, well, it lasted probably up to a minute. >> it was noisy and moved around a lot. it shook very hard and it took a heck of a long time to stop. >> police are reporting some whooping one of the aftershocks registered 5.7. they have some earthquakes each year but most are too small to be felt. coast guard says that there is no evidence of an oil leak.
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a platform exploded and sent it still does not know what sparked the fire appeared all crews jumped into the water and were rescued through the seven balls attached to that platform have been shut down. in the meantime b.p. says it has attached a temporary cap to the bottom of its oil well. they plan to raise the blowout preventer to this or this and they will examine the 300-ton equipment for clues as to what caused the explosion on april 20 that killed 11 workers. more than 200 million gallons of oil's spewed into the gulf and there's a chance that more oil might be released if the broken while fails to hold. following breaking news in east oakland where police have arrested a homicide suspect after a standoff. they say they located the man outside of in the 7400 block just after 5:00 p.m.
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the man then barricaded himself inside. residents from the area negotiated -- were warned while they negotiated with the man and the man's mother went into the house. as you can see here she was able to convince him to come out and surrender. the wife of the fremont police officer seriously injured in oakland shooting spoke publicly today and revealed that her husband called her just minutes after he was struck. she rushed her young children into her call that car. he told her she had been -- he had been shot in the leg but when she got to the hospital doctors their gave her a different diagnosis. >> i was told on friday it was not looking good and they do not think he was going to make it off the operating table. my whole life turned upside down from that one moment. >> a 20-year-old suspected gang member bases attempted murder charges. young is listed tonight in
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serious but stable conditions. both sides of the debate over legalizing marijuana gives the optimist in 347% of voters support proposition 19 and the measure would legalize marijuana possession and use in california. 43% said they propose and 10% say they are on decided. backers say they are pleased with the numbers and opponents say it is -- the good news is that support has slipped three points since the last poll done in august. san francisco is one of america's most popular tourist destinations. the visitors bureau says the number of tourists coming to san francisco has increased this year but it is still 1 million fewer than the 16.5 million people who visited in 2008. they say that tourism is is possible for 67,000 jobs and about $8 billion in sales every
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year. bay area residents are hitting the roads for the holiday weekend spree we are taking a live look now at interstate 80. it is pretty good going both east and westbound. aaa says that travel nationwide is expected to be up about 10% this year over last year. the auto club estimates more than 34 million americans will travel, most of them by a car. it is friday night and it's time for our first high school football game of the week tonight it is the bulldogs tried to take a bite out of the college park falcons. fred joins us now live from pleasant hill. >> hi, it's starting to cool down here we are about 13.5 minutes away from kickoff as you said our first high school football game of the week. college park beat them last year. they play a couple of night games this year here at diablo
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valley college. they finished six and six last year but the league coaches predicted that college park will win the league title. the head coach warns us that his team is still shorthanded. >> we have several kids, most everybody on our team will play in the fields about is a positive. we are comfortable with everybody getting on the field at some point the. >> i want to play an routine. i will get some playing time, right? >> the kids are looking forward to it and they have something to contribute so i think that is a great team atmosphere for the kids. >> a record for last year but somehow people are predicting you to win your league. are you surprised at is that
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lofty expectations? >> i think we will do really well. i don't know. i guess you have to pick somebody and it might as well be us. we lost some good football players but our quarter that is back and we will be a little bit younger up front but by the time we get to week we will be more experienced. >> you seem to have the number for years in a row. the team was 11 and two lashed it to one of those losses were at your hand in the opening game of 2,009. >> it is a benefit to play them early because it is confusing some time but they are a good football team and we have a couple of good breaks. they are competitive and we told the kids at the end of the game last year that they would do well and they have to keep there heads up. it was nice to see both teams doing while. >> he begins his 22nd year as head coach for college park falcons and football and, of course, he just learned that the bulldogs beat his college park junior varsity team a few moments ago. a parent came up to me and reminded me that one of the cheerleaders is currently dating the quarterback from college park.
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so you know that story about these two teams do not like each other but that may not apply here. we will have the high rates for the game of the week tonight at 10:00. reporting live, fred english ktvu channel 2 news. coming up on bay area news at 7:00. a popular south bay park was closed today. and will you laboday weekend? mark tamayo will break down the forecast and tell us which these will be the warmest. [ man i was deciding what to do with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ...again. ♪ [ child run! [ man first it was the mailbox. then my squirrel. and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built. when it finally opened, i also used my points for...
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car repair. [ male announcer use your citi thankyou points for almost anything, even local charities. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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>> dark officials closed a park in san jose today because of extreme fire danger could a combination of high temperatures low humidity and dry vegetation prompted their decision to the park was also close last wednesday and thursday because of record high temperatures. rangers say the park will reopen tomorrow and for the holiday weekend when the fire danger is expected to ease. south bay, north being each you cannot go wrong this weekend in the bay area. >> if you want the cooler temperatures, we will get to all of that in this site -- in a second. clouds of fog are on an increase in you can see with the help of our mapping system
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that cloud bank is covering a good portion of the bay area coastline. a few patches in san francisco across the bay bridge and out towards treasure island as well. outside we can show you this view is beautiful up above the fog. currently san rafael is in the mid-seventies. here is your overall weather story. bob will be an increase in temperatures will be warming up for labor day. that will be the warmest day. highs tomorrow, no more '90s. essentially in the upper eighties. this was the pattern for today with high-pressure sticking around. you have seen what happens into saturday and sunday temperatures cooling off around for two at 8 degrees. this system lifts out of the area on monday for labor day and temperatures to warm up a little bit. you are heading out of town,
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eureka we are expecting some clouds. plenty of sunshine for blake to how a bit of a breeze there. plenty of sunshine in palm springs. a high of 109 degrees. here we go for tomorrow morning the fog concentrated coastline and into the afternoon hours partly to mostly sunny. temperatures in the sixties to the mid to upper eighties. fairfield in the upper eighties and oakland right around 70 degrees. san jose right around 80 degrees. san francisco mid-sixties right around 65 degrees. here's a look ahead at your 5- day forecast. still fairly nice and there is that warm-up for monday. gasia? >> another big departure tonight from american idol. they stated that kara diogardi
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is leading the show we been at randy jackson as the only remaining judge and nothing is official that steven tyler and jennifer lopez will be judges next season. that is our report. i am gasia mikaelian. tmz is up next right here on tv36. have a great night.
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